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The Jenson Button Trust

The Jenson Button Trust was established in March of 2010. With a number of charitable causes and ca...

JB Trust Tri - Race Report Triathlon Europe

The event, organised by leading mass participation events company, Human Race, welcomed around 300 ...

JB Trust Triathlon 2012

I've been talking about hosting my own Triathlon for a while now and am delighted it's finally happe...


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    19 Mar 2013

    Chrissy B cycled 92.1 km in 3 hours and 2 minutes

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    18 Mar 2013

    Chrissy B ran 10.5 km in 52 minutes

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    14 Mar 2013

    Chrissy B worked out for 40 minutes

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    14 Mar 2013

    Chrissy B ran 5.6 km in 30 minutes

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  1. Winter Run Miles

    Who can put in the most miles in their running legs this winter between 1st November 2012 through until the 28th February 2013...


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